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Battle of the BB Creams (Garnier, Maybelline, Loreal, Dr. Jartt)


We want the easiest, fastest and healthiest way to apply foundation every single day. If you are like me and live around a hectic schedule or just don’t want to spend hours applying your foundation; then the word BB Cream might sound familiar to you.

Yes!! BB Creams, the miracle product that promises to solve all your problems (They just need to add on their labels that it will bring world peace). The BB stands for Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm and started creating big fuzz in Asia, as this product works as a moisturizer, primer, foundation and sunblock. A big multi-tasker alright!!

So for the last months in the States this product has become a hit, and when I mean a hit is because all the beauty community talks about them. I myself could say am no exception and wanted to know what was all about them; I mean I need to experiment. Anyways, today I have for you the result of my research I used several brands of BB Creams and I am ready to share it with all of you.

The BB Creams I tried were:

Garnier BB Cream

  • What the Brand Claims:Evens Tone, Hydrates, Renews, Protects, Brightens

  • SPF: 15

  • Available Shades: 2

  • Texture: Heavy a little bit goes a long way

  • Scent: Signature Garnier Scent (If you have purchased Garnier products before you would know what I mean.

  • Size: 2.5 fl Oz 75 ml

  • Price (USD): $11.99

  • Coverage/ Finish: Medium coverage with dewy finish, if you have imperfections I would suggest adding a bit of concealer and if your skin is oily I would recommend using powder to set it up.

  • Feels like: Hydrated skin as long as you apply a bit, don’t go overboard with the product or it will become a mess.

  • Overall Results: Nice, but if you have oily skin stay away when the weather is hot.

Maybelline BB Cream

  • What the Brand Claims: Blurs Imperfections, Brightens, Evens Skin tone, Smoothes, Hydrates, Enhaces, Protects with SPF 30, 0% Oils and Heavy ingredients

  • SPF: 30

  • Available Shades: 5

  • Texture: Light as if I was applying a sheer foundation

  • Scent:Not bad, but don’t expect a signature scent.

  • Size:1.09 fl Oz

  • Price (USD): $7.44

  • Coverage/ Finish: Light coverage, if you have imperfections you need concealer I can skip the powder and this product will leave a natural feeling.

  • Feels like: A tinted moisturizer, this is a very light weight product, you can build it up but still it’s sheer.

  • Overall Results: I think this product would work for someone with normal skin, because you won’t have to cover imperfections and it feels light, good product for high school girls or people who are starting with makeup.

Loreal BB Cream

  • What the Brand Claims: Hydrates, Corrects, Evens, Perfects

  • SPF: NA

  • Available Shades: 4

  • Texture: Light and white, it comes with small beads, when you apply the product to your face it builds the color of the foundation.

  • Scent: Not bad, I couldn’t identify a scent.

  • Size: 1.09 fl Oz

  • Price (USD): $10.95

  • Coverage/ Finish: Good coverage if I want to I can skip concealer, it works good for my oily skin, and I can skip powder if I want, it does not give a dewy finish which is good for me.

  • Feels like: This product feels light, but at the same time you can build it up and gives a nice coverage; it reminded me to the texture of the Origins Vita Zing moisturizer.

  • Overall Results: Good product I really like this because it is gentler with my oily skin. The only downside is that it does not have SPF, but I think is the key of why it’s good for oily skin.

Dr. Jartt+ BB

  • What the Brand Claims: Whitening, UV Protection, Anti-Wrinkle, Smoothing

  • SPF: 45/PA+++

  • Available Shades: 1

  • Texture: Heavy, a little bit comes a long way

  • Scent: Not bad, I couldn’t identify a scent

  • Size: 50ml (full size)

  • Price (USD): $49.00

  • Coverage/ Finish: Good coverage you can skip concealer with this one, it seems as if I was using foundation, with an easy application.

  • Feels like: My skin felt dewy but healthy and with sunscreen included it’s nice.

  • Overall Results: I liked this product, you don’t need to use that much product (A pea size is enough for my face) which I think is good, I have a sample and I haven’t been able to finish it, that is good because this is expensive and at least I would like to know that it will last on me.

If I had to pick between those I would go with the Loreal and the Dr. Jart+ the truth is that because of my skin type those were the ones that worked better for me. I do feel that Dr. Jart+ is expensive, but I also think that it has good coverage and higher spf which is very important. But if you are under a budget I would go with the Loreal one, is good and it will last some time as well.

I hope this information is helpful for anyone who is in the search of a BB Cream.

Until Next Time,



10 thoughts on “Battle of the BB Creams (Garnier, Maybelline, Loreal, Dr. Jartt)

  1. Thanks for this dear! Really helpful!

  2. I have only tried the Revlon one recently and I like it a lot. Thanks for the info on the other ones!

  3. I’ve tried many and I’ve recently found my favorite: ALMAY smart shade smart balance. You should try it! But very informative post 🙂

  4. Nice break down of the products. Pretty awesome !

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