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Halloween Treats

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Halloween it’s coming soon. Ok maybe not that soon, but still if you are like me, we want to get ready with time ahead. I won’t normally celebrate Halloween as a great big occasion, but I do like to give my friends and co-workers some treats, ‘cuz I just love candy.

Lately, all my ideas for showers, birthdays, and parties come from Pinterest. I don’t know what I’d do without that amazing site. This is what I found and I wanted to share it all with you. I loved them because they go from the easiest to more elaborate treats. In my case I love easy ideas but yet they have to a nice detail on them.

So without further do here they are:

Assorted Apples and chocolates so yummy

Delicious Candy Corn Pops

Spider and Bat Cakesters

Frankenstein Marshmallows Loved these!

Cutesy Ideas

M & M Bats

Loved this idea as well

Ghosts with Hershey’s

Bats and Hershey’s

This was my favorite one, Easy Practical and Detailed

*All the pictures where saved from pinterest

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