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OOTD Dotted Thursday

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Hey everybody, happy Thursday Hursday!!… So today I have an Outfit of the Day, I wanted a comfy look for today’s workday because between us yesterday I wore a pair of shoes that killed me. Anyways, I want to look comfy and nice today so this was my look.

  • Blue blouse with black dots from A.n.a. at JC Penney only $10.00 bucks
  • Black Pants from Target $20.00 love this for this season you
  • Black Watch from Target long ago $10.00
  • Forever 21 bracelet $7.50 aprox
  • Glittery Flats from Ross $9.99

For makeup I only used my NAKED palette from Urban Decay and did a neutral look, I could say this is my every day look.

My hair was in a high sock bun, don’t tell anybody but it was 3rd day hair (shhhhh!!), with proper dry shampoo application of course. Love this hairstyle is so fast it took me less than 10 min.

Then I was just wondering and rambling

I smell something fishy!!

Anyways hope you enjoyed, see you next time,



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