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Friday Blues

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Hey everybody happy Friday, I am here today presenting you my makeup of the day and a bit of my blue blouse I wore to work today. I must say this is the silkiest edgiest blouse I have used in my life.

The blouse is from the Limited, couldn’t get a pic for you to see it, but I love this blouse because you can make it a statement piece in your wardrobe. I wore everything black (pants, stilettos and blazer).

BTW, this is the easiest blouse to clean, just a couple a minutes ago I noticed a big mayo stain in one of my sleeves and it disappeared instantly with a wipe (amazing or what?).

For my eyes, I did a classic Smokey eye with a little bit of navy in it. Been loving the Smoked look lately with nude lips.

And that was it, hope you enjoyed and have an excellent weekend!!

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