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DIY: Chevron Stripes Brush Holder

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Hey everybody, today I have this exciting DIY for all of you and a little bit of recycling tip. So the other day I was in the desperate need of a brush holder. The truth is that I did not want anything made of glass because I move my brushes from one place to another constantly. And obviously I did not want to spend any money in getting one.

So this came to my mind. Have you seen the small Pringles containers? They are awesome for this task, or to store other things like pens and pencils. Of course I wanted my brush holder to look unique and cool, so I thought about “Chevron Stripes” because what is more inn right now than Chevron stripes?

I know you can print your own chevron stripes and just tape it to the container, but I thought about using Crayons for this DIY.

  1. For materials you would need: A small empty pringles container (previously cleaned), Crayons, Scotch Tape, contact paper, white paper (Or the design you have), a pencil, and a ruler.

  2. I just love crayons (and their smell…which makes me sound weird); it reminded me of kindergarten all over again.

  3. I previously drew the Chevron Stripes Design, but in this step you can you and use the design you want, then I just started coloring the stripes.

  4. I used purple crayon as well. My original idea was only using purple and pink colors and add glitter to the rest, but I was unsuccessful and ended up making a complete mess (so I stick to all crayons).

  5. You can see the pattern finished here.

  6. Time to adhere the design for this I only used scotch tape and finished by using contact paper (because I do want this thing to last)

  7. And tadaaaaaaa…an edgy brush holder is done.

You can really make these of anything; you can also use magazines or newspapers. Imagination is your limit!

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