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Losing Weight Update

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Hey everybody, I am here today very very excited about this post. If you have been a regular follower of this blog, you would be aware that one of my goals for this year is losing weight and be sexier healthier. I mean I’ve been through years of diets that work at first but then give you this awful rebound (you say the diet and I will name it) anyways, I got to the point where I said to myself I just can’t take it anymore.

The truth is that this year has been a year of discoveries for me and even though I have not been able to reach my goal yet, this challenge has taken me to places I never thought it would.


  • I HATED exercise
  • Couldn’t stand sporty outfits because of the way they made me look
  • Loved eating sweets (Specially before going to bed)
  • I couldn’t resist my cravings with ended in me eating 3 doughnuts instead of 1
  • My eating habits were really really bad (Burgers, Chips, Pizza, Hot Dogs, etc)
  • Would only burn 150-200 kcal max while exercised


  • Love exercise and cannot miss it if I do I just don’t have a good night of sleep and I feel uneasy (The one who said that hate turns into love was right!!)

  • Love my workout leggings, I don’t get ashamed anymore of wearing them, somehow my legs got toned, so if I have to run to get groceries after the gym I don’t care.

  • I still love eating sweets but my rule now is nothing after 4 pm.

  • I still can’t resist my cravings, but now instead of eating 3 doughnuts I would just eat half of it and only once a week

  • My eating habits have improved, amazingly I eat more now that I go to the gym (fruits, veggies, chicken, fish) and still I am losing weight, one thing I have noticed is that at nights I don’t get that hungry but still try to eat something light. I am not in a strictly diet, because I do treat myself, but not as much as I did before.

  • I drink water like cray cray

  • I now burn from 430-600 kcal when I exercise (5 times a week no excuses).

This is my new motto:

Bear with me, if you really want to accomplish losing weight is not something that will happen in 1 week, you need to be truly committed (which is something I am understanding now that is OCTOBER jeje), it’s a complete process of pure hard work and pain, but when you see that you look and feel amazing is when you say to yourself THIS IS WORTH IT. Maybe I won’t get to my ideal weight by the end of the year, but that’s fine because this year I have accomplished more than all my life and besides I still will keep working on it because I am so chained into it right now that I know I can do it..

But that’s not it; I need more so here are new things I will be trying this month:

For this month:

I just joined SlimKicker, so this is very new to me but basically this is a community where you create your profile and track your diet. This is a level-up game and a point-based program; so for instance whole foods will give you more points than processed foods. They also have 7 to 30 day challenges starting from easy and increasing gradually and you can reward yourself when you accomplish them Let’s say you want to quit soda? That would be a nice challenge to accomplish right?.

Now for what I read and this made me more interested about this site was that SlimKicker is all about learning proper nutrition, portion control and acquiring important habits, this is very important for me because I do think that this is the base for being healthy and losing weight the right way. Not by starving you to death or eating only one meal a day.

Also, I am planning in changing Gym, I discovered a new gym near my house which is amazing, they carry all sorts of classes besides spinning so I will go and check it out, I saw that they have very attractive discounts now, because well being honest a lot of people dropped their resolution of losing weight, but not me. I have to keep going!!.

So for all the people out there who is out there trying to lose weight or be healthier let me tell you if I can do it you also can!!

Until Next Time,



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