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Shut up and Take my Money!

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So the other day I was browsing as I normally do (YouTube, Beauty Blogs, Sephora, etc.) and I discovered this simply amazing thing that will be in my wish list. Only one thing came to my mind:

Behold this amazing palette:

So this amazingness of thing includes 16 eyeshadows (.17 oz each) and costs $42.00 USD it has 8 matte shades and 8 shimmery. It caught my eye for the simple fact that is the first time I see a palette that contains that amount of matte shadows. Colors are like Jim Carey would say this is B.E.A.UTIFUL. Very pigmented and nice to blend (as I saw in some YouTube tutorials).

So yep maybe this will be my next reward when I get to level 10 at my SlimKicker account.

Does anyone has tried this beauty and could tell me if this is worth it?


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