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How do I Review Products?

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Hey everyone, so the other day someone asked me what I’d do whenever I had to write a review of a product. Well the truth is that for me reviewing a product is kind of a process (that I just love doing…insert creepy happy face here). And this is because I want to be able to give the most information I can whenever I write about a product while being the most objective as possible

I do all of this because, well in my case, whenever I am getting a product, I like to go and read reviews about it first. This determines in great percentage if I am buying a product or I am staying on the fence of it.

Anyways, these are the steps I would normally follow:

1. Do my Homework and then Play

With this I mean that first I will go and read all the claims, what the brand says the product does and I search a little bit online to see if I find additional descriptions of the product. In short, I gather all the information I can about the product.

Then it’s time to play, I start by using or wearing the product, check out their package, formula, scents, pigmentation, and blend-ability if it’s a shadow or powder. Now, the longer you play with your product, the more thoughts you will get. I will do this from a week to a month depending on the product I am reviewing. (For skincare it takes more than a week because it takes time for my face to get used to the product.)

After playing with the product I try to determine if it works for my skin type or try to see with my experience for whom should it work. I also try to use the product by itself, there are times when the combination of several products might alter the results you get.

Also, whenever I found it I like to add if this product reminded me of something else I have tried in the past, maybe I already have a dupe which is cheaper and does the same thing or it is similar. So I love sharing those fun facts (at least for me).

2. Time to write

First I start by writing about the product a little bit, and start telling you what is it, and of course with the information I gathered I tell you what the brand claims this product does.

After this, I write about my experience when using the product, what I liked and what I didn’t. I would normally have an index card already with the things I’ve been noticing and liking about the product and the things that I haven’t.

Now, if you just started writing reviews this is a very important step, and there is a fine line between nailing it or just screwing it up because maybe you liked some things of the product but you hated others. Or maybe you didn’t like that brand’s product but you like other products they carry. The thing is that I don’t think is polite to trash an entire company only because you didn’t like one product. And I know that there will be times when you don’t like anything about the brand nor the company, but still you need to be professional when you express your opinions, especially if you want to be taken seriously about it. I am not saying that you have to lie because that is not ethical either, but choose words wisely.

After this explanation of my experience, I try to determine if the product did meet the brand claims, which is one of the most important things, I mean I like to see when products do what they say they will.

And that is it, those are the steps I take when I do a review, now again remember that a review is something important that helps others, and I love doing them because I like to tell people whenever I find something that is fabulous. When you are sharing don’t take it lightly believe me, your readers will appreciate it.

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