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My Dynamic Duo

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Fall makes my hands and cuticles dry as hell. So I have discovered my dynamic duo savior. I carry these two everywhere I go, and apply them every time I wash my hands or when I need moisture in my hands.

Behold this dynamic duo:

So first the Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream I just love this tin, it is lemon scented as the name says and it’s super moisturizing and yummy, whenever I use it I want a piece of lemon pie (which might not be good, but man this thing works), I have seen that my cuticles just don’t feel rough anymore.

For the price well I got mine in a Christmas kit, which I think is better because you get more products in a less expensive way. But, if you are getting it alone there are two sizes that I saw at their website a travel size which costs $3.49 USD and the normal size which is $6.00 USD. (And found out they have free shipping in orders of $49.00 USD and more…just if you want to go crazy at their site).

Anyways great product, I’ve heard good things about it before, but until I tried it I believed it, now this is also part of my home DIY manicures, and I just love it.

The second one is the Korres Body Butter in Guava I love this so much, I only use it for my hands and let me just tell you that this one has replaced my bath and body works lotion, now I have the travel size because the big size is expensive (honestly the travel size is expensive as well).You can get the big one (7.95 Oz) for $29.00 USD at Ulta or on beauty bar the travel size is around $9.00 USD (1.69 Oz).

Now here is why I will justify paying this price for a lotion. First of all the scent OMG, I know guava scent and this is not like it (or at least the guavas I know) but it smells so nice, like cupcake but not overwhelming, gosh I wish I could eat it. Next, it’s so moisturizing and leaves my hands so soft, without leaving them greasy at all, scent lingers long time and a little bit goes a long way which is amazing because for the price it lasts a long time.

So that is all, I really hope you get the chance to try these two or at least get the Burt’s Bees and your favorite hand cream believe me you won’t regret it.

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