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Tsubo: Comfy and Gorgeous Boots

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I know I know, I gotta be cray cray. But my cousin is going to Europe and she is looking for a nice and comfy pair of boots for her trip. And I am just in the search for a cool pair of boots for work. Now we’ve been in the look for weeks and we found these online

Meet the Tsubo Baco II

And I only thought:

So did my research, these are Tsubo boots, let me be honest I’ve never heard of this brand before so I had to do my homework. Tsubo is a team of designer’s and craftsman’s who specializes in creating innovative design-driven footwear. They believe that anyone can make a good looking shoe, but make it comfortable and beautiful is what drives them.

We saw a video of this boots and they seem simply amazing, I mean they look soooo comfy and they look good, the design is so simple, that I bet it can be paired with everything. Also, if life has taught me something is that it’s better to spend a little bit more in a good pair of boots than having 3 rotten pairs (which might equal the price of the good ones).

I tried to find this model at their site, but couldn’t find it (seems they were discontinued 0_0) but they seem to be alive in the link I provided first. Ohh and FYI if you get subscribed to their site, you can win a pair of shoes (I suspect this is of a raffle). So these are definitely in my wish list.

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