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My Sample Opinion: Not your mothers Smooth Moves

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Hey everybody, so I’ve been using the Not Your Mothers sample that I received in my Influenster box. It is the Not Your Mothers Smooth Moves Frizz Control Hair Cream Now, every day I’ve been washing my hair with my normal shampoo for colored hair, but the truth is that my conditioner ran out, and I haven’t gotten the chance to get another one (the truth is that I keep forgetting to get one every time I go to the store). So in the meantime I started using this small bottle as my “leave in conditioner” after I get out of the shower.

A little background here, my hair is thick and is a bit curly when I don’t tame it properly.

This is the first product from this brand that I get to use, so they say that this exclusive salon formula with coconut oil and silk extracts straightens, de-frizzes and adds shine.

Now at first, this product does smell like coconut (which I adore) I apply a tiny bit (you don’t need a ton of product) in my damp hair right after jumping of the shower and let air dry or use my hair dryer. After this my hair does feel good and smooth.

I have been using my flat iron and I have noticed a difference, normally when I straighten my hair without applying any product (I mean when I don’t use my 3 day straight spray from John Frieda) I am left with a bit of frizz (and a weird bump in the back of my head), now this product does get rid of that, which is great because I normally don’t like to abuse of my John Frieda spray (I like it for special occasions) so this product is great for everyday use in my case.

For the price, I saw that you can get this starting at $6.00 (for 4.0 Oz) which is a good deal if you are using it constantly. I loved this product and it gives it enough kudos to try other products from Not your Mothers!!

Disclaimer: I received this product complimentary from for testing purposes all opinions stated here are my own.

Have you used any product from this brand that you like?

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