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Field Trip!

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So, after being in a well-deserved hiatus, I think I need vacations from it. So there I was today at work, with a case of a Monday, jeje, but excited to be able to post and talk a bit of everything this evening. First of all, I did have a long week-end, which came with very exciting stuff (Shopping, Field Trip, Food and Family Time).

We went to visit my parents for the weekend, on Friday we did some shopping, ‘cuz the hubs needed to get some wardrobe update for fall-winter, I only did some minimal shopping mostly needs (but stay tuned for a haul soon). And that was it.

Saturday was real fun, we went to the last weekend of the Mesilla Valley Maze, I saw this event announced in someone’s blog and I’ve never been to a corn maze, so I wanted to go so bad. We did have to drive an hour and a half to get there (and got lost…gps in our wish list nao) but it was worth it.

Yep, we went to New Mexico for our Field Trip

Loved their Logo it’s so country!!

This cool picture of a Mill, seriously this would be my new desktop background!

They had the traditional corn maze, but we also took a tour to their pumpkin field, which was great because as it was their last weekend, you could take all the pumpkins you could carry for only $20.00 bucks.

Never understood maze instructions, until now!

There were real odd and funky pumpkins over the fields

They have loads of activities for kids, a cool band was playing and for food they had roasted corn, nachos, corndogs, tamales, and I had to get me a cotton candy (this was a must).

OMG it seems I was enjoying that rush of sugar too much jaja

When we got back we had to hit The Dollar Tree, because that’s what you do when you spent most of your money and only have a couple of bucks left jeje…I also ended up going to 3 different Wal-Mart’s (believe it or not).

Yesterday afternoon we were finally back at home because my dad insisted we stayed on Saturday (and we could not resist jeje). My feet were killing me and felt tired as hell, so I had to go to bed at 8:30 pm. All in all it was an awesome weekend, and now I am ready for new posts, reviews and videos, so stay tuned.

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