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Super Lucious Lashes


Hey everybody, happy Friday or beginning of the weekend, I mean it is 10:30 pm right now where I am so I could call it Saturday. Anyways, I am here today with a review/makeup of the day. So today to spice things up with my makeup I decided to apply lashes. In my opinion, I do love falsies, but I choose to use them when I have a special occasion (because honestly they do make the difference by completing your makeup look), but I applied them because I really wanted to review them.

Anyways I got this starter kit with my Influenster Beauty VoxBox a couple of weeks ago. They are from the brand Kiss and they didn’t have a name, but they are number KPLS01. So the kit comes with a pair of lashes, an applicator and a small adhesive, so you have everything you need, which I think is really cool if you are going out of town.

The lashes themselves seemed very full so at first I thought that they wouldn’t look good on me (btw they say that these are 100% human hair), but the truth is that I was dead wrong, when I applied these I loved them, it instantly brightened up my look I loved them because, I did looked different.

Application is fast, I mean I only struggled a bit with the ends, but that normally happens to me because I do not have a lot of practice with lashes. Glue is amazing and they were still all day. I just removed them an hour ago.

Would I repurchase them? I certainly think I will this product is definitely a 10.

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4 thoughts on “Super Lucious Lashes

  1. Very pretty! I do not have the patience for false lashes at the moment though – I just think I would get glue in my eye or something. What eye shadow are you wearing? I like it.

    • Hi, thanks a lot, all colors are a combination of my NAKED palette from Urban Decay, first I used Sin in the inner corners of my eye, then I added sidecar and smog to my lid, for the outer corners and my lower lash line I used Darkhorse, and to highlight I used Virgin. This is like my every day look for the office, is real easy to make once you get the practice 🙂

  2. Thank you – I will have to try something like that sometime. I am too scared to pay so much for the palette – as I tried it once and it seemed sort of creasy. I think my eyelids are very thin and it was just too metallic, though a makeup artist did it one time and it was beautiful (used UD that is).

    • I would suggest you to try the Wet n Wild shadows, they are real inexpensive, and you can create wonderful looks with them, I have some of them and are great. If creasing is your problem you might need an eyelid primer. I use one from NARS (which is kind of expensive) but is the only one that works for my very oily lids…if your lids are not that much oily you can use the one from elf..

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