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Fun Fun Weekend

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So I’ve been kind of running up and down, here and there lately; we have been visiting my parents a lot as well over the weekends; so when we do it this means eating great food, family time, and retail therapy.

So yep that’s what happened again this weekend, I had a three day off from work, on Friday we did a little bit of shopping (expect another haul soon), but we also went to a store I loved. I’ve never been there, but my sister said it was the coolest store, so I couldn’t say no. The store is called World’s Market (I don’t know if there are branches of this one) but they sell a lot of stuff (A LOT), mainly furniture and home decorating, but they also have food and snacks from all over the world, kitchen tools, wine, and their tea selection was humongous. They also had jewelry and scarves (oh my weak spot!)

I was amazed when we were there. I did not get anything (maybe next time ^_^), but I took these amazing pictures:

On Saturday we watched scary movies and I had to prepare the famous Pigs in a Blanket; for being the first time I did these, they were so nummy nummy.

So yep on Sunday we were back at home, well rested and relaxed to start another work-week (which means I didn’t do anything else but start decorating our house with Christmas Lights). I know I have to start working on getting my winter clothes out of their boxes, (which was a task I’ve been holding for 2 weeks now), but hey I will have to subsist another week with cardigans and scarves jejej…

P.S. I know is just November, but let me tell you that we did have a hard time installing those lights (we are perfectionists and we wanted them to look good and don’t fly away with the weather), that is why I am starting early, at least they will last some time jeje..
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