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Twitter…Was I the Only One Without an Account?

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-As I write these words, a lot of thoughts come to my mind, but the most resonant is. Really, was I the only one that didn’t have a twitter account?-

Let’s face it, in today’s society our level of responsibilities and activities have increased, and added to that having a lot of social media to handle at once takes lots of time. I mean I do have a full time job, a house to take care of, family to spend time with, payments to do, and yet I try to keep as neat as possible my blog, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, e-mail, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I do love spending time on them, I love writing which was the first reason why I created my blog, and I love sharing what I know, learn and find, which is why I created my You Tube channel.

We do choose what to have, but yet if you don’t have a profile on one of these sites you are outdated (which is how I felt when I didn’t have Facebook) and you miss what is new, or the most recent events even in your family lives. True story, before I was on Facebook one of my cousins was getting married, her sister, organized her a bachelorette party, but sent the invitation thru Facebook, my surprise was when she told me why didn’t you come, and I was like I never got an invitation (…silly me waiting a piece of carton saying “You are Invited”) she was very surprised that I didn’t have Facebook (…so I ran and created a profile immediately). Now that I am at Facebook I do love it, I mean you can find lots of interesting things and love watching what people post on their walls. And I do find it useful because that’s the way I can communicate with my parents and siblings.

Then Pinterest came, my brother in law told me about it and he just said “You are gonna Love it”, as I sat skeptical in front of my laptop I was like -oh no this won’t convince me- Well he was right and I was dead wrong. I love this thing; Pinterest was one of the greatest things that happened in my social media life. Lots of ideas and whenever I need my creativity to start flowing Pinterest has just what I need (It’s like Paulo Coelho’s quotes when you open one of his books). But I do have to be careful or else I will spend an entire Saturday afternoon sucked in.

Now it would seem that I am digressing, but I have a point I kid you not. This is the story of twitter, the other day I was talking with a co-worker (who writes as well (check him out here), and he was telling me how he got a twitter account, I mean everybody has twitter now right…well um…I didn’t because before of this I just thought that twitter will make me lose time, (as another friend told me the other day –I do not think I can keep up with another social media as Facebook takes all my time) time that I could invest in Pinterest (jaja). So the other day I gave up, I had to try it, besides if I didn’t like it I would just delete my profile and erase my app. So I am still trying to understand how it works and get confused by the # and @, I kid you not I feel like an old person introduced to this new technology. But while I play with it and mess things up in my profile I can say that “I have twitter now” and I could say follow me, but I need to know what the heck I have to link to my twitter logo (which I already got…mhm). But that’s how things work.

Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go and Tweet about a Pinterest picture I found over at Facebook and publish a post on WordPress.

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