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DIY: Restoring a Vintage Mirror


Ready for a New DIY? Well today I have this one for you; we restored a vintage old mirror. If you have been an assiduous follower of my blog you know that we moved last year (I know time goes fast), so we finally got our first place that we can call HOME. So yep we haven’t been decorating that much until now, so I had this mirror from our old house, this belonged to my grandma so it’s 100% vintage (how cool is that?) but for the color not much.

So my hubby wanted to throw it away and I was like BIG NO NO, I knew we could restore this mirror, (he was kind of skeptical, but I had high hopes). Anyways, we have an extra room which we decided will be the guest bedroom, so now I have green light to start hanging stuff and decorating, my MAIN idea is go with the black and white theme and then have a POP OF COLOR (which I have yet to decide on it) but I knew I wanted this mirror black. This mirror reminds me big time of the damask print and that was something I wanted to achieve (and it’s kind of like the main idea for the room).

To get started I just disassembled the mirror because I didn’t want the hassle of taping everything in.

Next, we painted the frame with black spray (well the hubby did), this took about 3 coats of spray, we waited about 15 minutes per spray.

And that was it, we hung the mirror and it LOOKS AMAZING!! I love it

And that was it, I hope this has inspired you all this long weekend to go a do some DIY’s

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2 thoughts on “DIY: Restoring a Vintage Mirror

  1. This looks so nice, you did a great job of it 🙂 Following x

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