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2012 Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas..Under $10.00 and More


Hey everyone, so Christmas is right around the corner (20 days) to be more precise, and there’s still time to do some Christmas shopping…I have finished with this year’s list thank god. I remember on past years telling myself that I would start early, and for the first time I accomplished it.

Anyways, I remembered that I still have to get small little gifts for some of my co-workers, so I decided to go ahead and make 2 videos to help you as well..

The first one is Christmas Gifts Ideas for under $10.00 I was under a budget this year, and I imagine that a lot of people is as well, so here are some ideas I had that I hope they help making your Christmas shopping less stressful.

The second one is Christmas Stocking Stuffers, this is if you have a friend, girlfriend, sister or daughter who loves makeup and beauty products, I have selected some of my favorite items, that if I saw in my stocking I would be like WOW…

So I hope that these help you and happy shopping to all of you!!

Until Next Time,



2 thoughts on “2012 Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas..Under $10.00 and More

  1. This is so awesome! I have no problem buying big lavish gifts but as I really can’t afford to do that I always need ideas for what to buy for my friends!

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