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Lorac Pro Palette…The Review


Ok so remember my post when I said that the Lorac Pro Palette was in my wish list? (If not click here). Well it’s here…ok it has really been here a couple of weeks ago…now let me tell you I did not buy it with my money (which sounds awkward now), but allow me to explain, so I’ve been helping my hubs with some of his projects and this was my payment…Yep I was paid with makeup (fair trade to me)…

But now with the review, we all have a lot of palettes inside the makeup world, so what makes this one stand out from the others? And makes it so special for you to add it to your collection?

Well the first thing is that it has some matte shadows, ok seriously it comes with a total of 8 matte shadows, and the same number goes for the shimmery shadows. It also comes with a mini primer which is something that normally palettes would come with lately.

Thru my makeup experience matte shadows can be very tricky, especially when your skin is not fair, they can tend to look chalky and that is not a good look, unless…ok no it is never a good look. This shadows on the contraire do NOT look chalky, they look very nice, and are very easy to blend and work with, which is something you don’t get with many matte shadows. Something else is pigmentation which is great as well; you don’t need to add any white clear cream base or anything to make them stand out which was something that for me gives a big plus.

Colors themselves are pretty nice, I would say that this can be a pretty neutral palette, but you also have some dark shadows that help you create the most beautiful dramatic looks. I would say that this palette is amazing for fall/winter looks. And a big plus is that you have a matte black shadow, which in my opinion is essential for any makeup palette (hence why the NAKED 2 included one, a lot of people wanted a black matte shadow).

Now on the primer, the first weeks I owned this palette I must admit I relegated the primer because I love my NARS primer, but I am kind of running low on it and that thing is expensive, so I started using this small little guy. The primer itself is very light, and I am comparing the consistency with the Urban Decay Eden primer which looks like a concealer to me…anyways… I like how this comes in a tube because if you apply makeup to others a wand is not the cleanest way to go. It’s very easy to blend and absorbs real fast, and shadows do last a long time; I normally apply my makeup around 6:30’sh every morning and when I arrive at home at 6:00 pm my shadows remain untouched. No creasing or fading, I must say I’m very impressed.

On the downside, the package, I do like it don’t get me wrong, the palette itself comes in this rubbery package, if you have used NARS products, that’s the kind of package I’m talking about. Now this package gets dirty so easily and you will not be able to clean it, or at least you will have a hard time doing it. I like keeping my palettes clean and neat, so I have to be very careful when I use it which is not that fun. But rather than that contents inside are great.

Would I Recommend it? Definitely YES, if you like having some good quality matte shadows in your collection I would say go with this one, it is a bit pricey at $42.00, but it will last you a long time, which I think is great.

So I hope this review helps you,

Until Next Time,



2 thoughts on “Lorac Pro Palette…The Review

  1. I want this palette! It looks so nice. Thanks for the review!

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