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Christmas Nails & Makeup Bummers

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So I haven’t properly said Happy Monday, so here I am “Happy Monday” if you are one of the people who has a case of a Monday, Chillax my friend because almost half of the day has gone away. Here at my city we had our first official winter day today, really, we were having so nice temperatures (which is very odd for Texas during this time of year). So today I had to apply the layer technique before going out of home.

I hope that you had a wonderful weekend and that you are almost over with your Christmas Shopping, if you haven’t finished yet and are still in the need for some ideas I would suggest you to go and check out my posts for Christmas Gifts ideas; you can click here and here

Now, on more important news, last night I was thinking of doing something Christmassy to my nails. Honestly, I suck at nail art. I mean I can paint my nails normally and everything with no problem, but when it comes to adding a design or something cute that might involve tape I really am a mess. But I didn’t want to go with red only. So I decided to add a tiny golden stripe to the tips.

You can try out this with any colors that you have but I chose a tiny cherry red color that I have from OPI from 2 years ago, and then I added the tiny golden stripe to my tips using an Ulta mini polish. I discovered that the tip between coats is patience and a very good top coat that can help your nails dry faster. I am crossing my fingers for this manicure to last me all week because I have a lot of work at home and the office.

In other news, over the weekend I did some shopping, I was in the need of a new foundation, so I had to hit Sephora because I got a $15.00 Gift Card when you spent $50.00 bucks, which coming from Sephora is a big deal, so I didn’t know if I should repurchase my Makeup Forever foundation or try something new; truthfully I love trying new products, so I ended up getting something else (expect a haul soon)…but what I wanted to talk about was something else I got that I am really disappointed.

So, I heard a while ago about these pretty lippies form the brand Bite Beauty, since then, I’ve been dying to try them out. So I decided to get a small kit that comes with a lip gloss and two tiny pretty lipsticks (Colour + Shine to Go Kit). Colors seemed to be gorgeous; so yesterday we were going out and I decided to try the Santee gloss. First Con, the scent, I don’t know why but mine didn’t smell good, I don’t know if these are supposed to have a scent or not, but the scent was somehow like old product. Then the product itself felt goopy and looked like a paste over my lips, not a natural look in my opinion, and I think it ended chapping my lips as well. Not a good experience.

Today I decided to give it another try, so I used one of the small lipsticks I used the one in fig, which is kind of a mauve neutral color. Have you smelled lipsticks when they have expired? You know that strange old scent? Well this definitely is old; I didn’t like it and could not bear de scent.

I am not judging this brand by any means, maybe these products are good and I only got a Lemon (a very sour one), but definitely I am returning this because it cost me $15.00 dollars and I will not be using them. I am really sad, because now I am on the fence of trying Bite products again, what would you think? Have you tried them? Are they supposed to smell like that?

Anyways, that’s it, now I have to start thinking what can I get for $15.00 on Sephora, any suggestions?

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