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My Sample Opinion: Beauty for Everybody Shampoo’s


Hey everyone, so today I have another edition of my sample opinion, this is related to my Beauty for Everybody bag that I got from Target a while ago. This bag came with lots of shampoo/conditioners which were targeted to one main thing, hydrate and nourish your hair. At first I didn’t understand but then I got it cold weather = dry hair, skin, etc. so we have to be extra careful with our hair.

Now I already used up the 3 samples that I got so I think I am ready to give you my opinion and which one would I purchase of the three of them.

The first one is from the Fekkai’s Shea Butter Moisturizing Shampoo and conditioner ($22.00 full size), now the brand claims that this product is a reach and creamy product with Shea butter that smooth’s ultra-dry, coarse or unruly hair and leaves hair feeling moisturized

Let me say this, when I saw the three samples I thought L’oreal “meh”, Clear “what is that?”, and Fekkai “ooh la la”. This means I’ve always wanted to try Fekkai products. So this was the first one I had to try out, and I did, now let me tell you that maybe my hopes were set to high, I don’t know why, but truthfully this shampoo was not that exciting for me, I mean it smells good, lathers up real good, but I don’t know, I didn’t feel anything different that I would feel with the shampoo I am using at the moment, which was a bummer, and the price yikes I mean it’s expensive. So yep I don’t think this will be my next shampoo.

The second one was the Clear (what is that?) Scalp & Hair Therapy Total Care Nourishing Shampoo ($4.99 full size). Before seeing this sample I completely ignored this brand existed (hence my What is that? Quote) after seeing this brand I started noticing it in favorite videos, YouTube reviews, etc. So I was kind of intrigued with the Clear system I mean I think this is the first shampoo that talks about feeding your scalp. They state that 99% of hair’s natural strength and beauty comes from the scalp.

Now, when I used it, my first WOW was when I actually saw the shampoo it was lilac (as the package/bottle) but it had some shimmer to it, which is something I don’t recall seeing in a shampoo ever, scent is DELICIOUS, lathers real good and left my hair real nice. I really liked this shampoo, so I thought I had a winner until…

I used the L’oreal (meh) EverCreme Nourishing shampoo/conditioner/masque ($5.69-$8.00 full size), the brand claims….

Ok this is why my momma always says don’t judge a book by its cover or brand in this case, this shampoo smells AMAZING, I just loved it, it kind of reminded me of a fragrance, but I just cannot recall which one (I’ll just say it is a very pleasant one). Conditioner works real good, but the treatment (masque) is even better, after using it my hair was so smooth and silky , I didn’t use a hair dryer and my hair was so nice after being naturally dry that I could’ve left it that way. Next day, my hair still smelled good, which is not something you commonly get. And second day hair was amazing; my hair looked really good (I even received compliments from my co-workers).

Conclusion, which one would be my next shampoo? I will have to go with the L’oreal one; I just love it so much. One thing though, maybe I would skip the conditioner, but I am definitely getting that masque because that thing works wonders (even it it’s a bit pricier than the shampoo).

So I hope these reviews are helpful for you, has anyone used one of these products? If so what are your thoughts?

Until Next Time,



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