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Better Sore Than Sorry

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With all the Christmas Treats you might be receiving right now, there might be a chance you are forgetting about something. I’m talking about that place you know you should be at and that whispers to your ear “don’t forget about me…” Yep that’s right I’m talking about THE GYM (or what you might call your favorite place for exercise), I know festivities can be hectic, but I do think that doing some exercise can help you stay focused with all the things you might have to accomplish.

So the hubs and I have been in the search of a new gym for some time now, and let me tell you something December is like the best month for haunting a new gym, because this is the time when they have their lower rates. This is because well, nobody actually goes I mean with cold weather all we people want is stay home drinking some hot cocoa watching Christmas Specials. Anyways…

I was able to score some deals at work and I received a free 3 day pass for both of us to a gym that is near our home (nothing can beat that). So yesterday I left work very very tired, and I got home with a face that made the hubs say with a jingly voice: It’s Gym Time, in reality all I wanted to do was lay back at my couch with my laptop but then I remembered about some strong words that always help me workout.

And it’s true, we went there, took a 45 min spinning class, with a great instructor, burned 605 calories and felt GREAT after that. I cannot wait to take my second class with him today. Let me tell you something, I did feel that this class was more intense than my previous spinning classes (at my other gym), I don’t know why, but with the other classes I used to take I burned around 450 calories, and at some point yesterday I think I got to my limit, but then I said to myself.

So yep I am very happy that I did went yesterday, and I cannot wait to keep going, this means I am still committed with my goal of being healthy and feeling great…

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