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DIY Wrapping Christmas Presents (The Easy Way)


“Ok maybe the Gods didn’t want me to have the gift of wrapping, but hey I do what I can”

Happy day everyone, I am still getting ready for the festivities, trying not to run away screaming down our hallway (Just kidding!). Anyways, a thought invaded me today, and I recalled that is a thought that year by year haunts me. How will you be wrapping your Christmas presents?

Now, each year I go through the same situation in here and it seems that I already created a pattern. I look very nice wrapping ideas at a magazine and say “oh wow I have to do that for our presents this year”. Then I go over the internet and look for more, because my brain tells me “there might be other ideas you must be missing out”. Then at the end I am left with nothing…NADA… and I end up wrapping my presents in Sephora bags (which I think are totally cool, but yet they don’t say marry Christmas for everybody).

So this year, before starting to break my head out I said to myself I wouldn’t sweat it out and would go with the candy theme…Now I have to explain you what the candy theme is. This is a technique I learned last year in the desperation of a Sunday afternoon before delivering presents for my friends the next day, and requires not that much things, and I love it because you don’t need boxes, or fancy wrapping paper…

This works great for small presents, but I am thinking that it can work with bigger presents as well; I will have to give it a try. So this is what you will need:

  • Colored bright tissue-paper, I would go with red because it’s more Christmassy, but you can go with Green, Gold, etc. Now what I did is I collected all the red tissue you get from Sephora when you buy there; that’s called reusing and recycling, my friends.
  • Cellophane Plastic (I’m not sure if you can call it that way) but is normally clear plastic paper that it also comes in other colors.
  • Curling Ribbon (You can get fancy and buy red, gold, silver)
  • 1 Cardboard (I used a red folder that didn’t have any use), but you can buy them at the dollar store
  • Christmas Stickers (You can get those at the Dollar Store)
  • Scissors
  • A Ruler
  • Design Scissors (You can find these at a Dollar Store as well)
  • A Pencil
  • A Drill

Now this is what I did, first I worked with the small tags; as my gift wrappers were not going to be that flamboyant I needed nice tags (that would distract the person from the odd wrapping), so what I did was I took the red cardboard and draw rectangular squares on the same size (using the pencil and the ruler), next y cut them and folded them in half, then I just cut one of the edges with the design scissors, after that I only added a nice Christmassy sticker. The last thing I did was drilling the left corner of the tags so that I could add some curling ribbon and attach them to the gifts.

You can see, in my desperation, those were the tags I did last year!!

Now for the gifts, the first thing I did was measure the tissue and cellophane papers and cut them a bigger size than the gift, I considered in here that the clear cellophane needed to be a bit bigger than the tissue, because you will make a candy shape.

Then start wrapping/rolling the gift, which basically means take the red paper and do a sort of twist, next you can take the ends and make a candy shape, if you have trouble with the paper use a small piece of tape (because tape will be your friend here).

Now follow the same steps with the cellophane paper and end up by closing the candy with the curling ribbon.

So I did that for basically all the Christmas presents:

Now possibilities are endless and you can go beyond red, for my girly friends this year I created a pink candy wrap with white tags, so what I did was use some pink tissue paper I had in storage, and pink and silver curling ribbon, those candies look so cute.

Last, attach your little tag to one of the corners for each candy and write a cute message.

And voila you have cute candies for everyone.

So I hope this helps all of you if you have no idea how to wrap gifts,

Until Next Time,



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