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Christmas Carols and Funky Glasses

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Hello everybody, so I hope that everyone had a great Christmas full of family, friends, happy people and gifts (if you are into them). Well holidays for me happened to be AMAZING, I got a very well-deserved rest and I am full of batteries ready to start writing again (which is something I did miss).

So yep for these festivities we went with my parents, had some excellent food, and played a lot of board games, I actually ran on the 24th to the Dollar Store to buy some funky prices for the games. You would not believe but this was the most wanted price:

Anyways, on the 25th we were back at home because the hubs had to work the 26th, I had free time still so I decided to do a video about some of the things I got for Christmas from my family:

Believe it or not, and I forgot to mention this in my video but some of the presents my hubs and I got was a gym membership for a year (WOOOHOOOO…needless to say but I paid his and he paid mine jeje), before leaving for Christmas we were doing some research because we needed a new gym and we finally found it!! (And it’s near our home). December is just the perfect month for paying annual gym memberships because they are so cheap. Anyways, we paid and actually started going, who would think that we would workout in December, but yep we love it so much and it is kind of our time to catch up because he has been very busy with work…Besides, I’ve not been feeling that guilty of eating all those holiday goodies because I am burning it…Really I am…

Anyways I hope that you had a great time as well and I will be seeing you guys next time…


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