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The NAKED Truth


Hey everyone, so if you checked out my previous post you might already now that I got my desired for so long (almost bucket list product) Naked 2 palette from Urban Decay this Christmas. I wished this palette for so long that I cannot even remember…Ok I do, I wanted it since it was launched last year.

Now, we are still getting used to each other, I mean we did our proper introductions and at first I was like WOW all these colors, then I was like mmm how do you do? And how can I start playing with you. So the day came and I started using it, playing with it, hiding my Naked 1 because I didn’t wanted to think I was cheating (I mean we created a big bond all this year).

And I don’t know, something happened, something that I am not sure if it’s too soon for me to say, but still I need to get it out of my chest. I think I liked my Naked 1 better… I don’t know why I mean if we talk package I do like Naked 2 better, it is more sturdy and seems more durable, next the brush that it comes with seems more helpful than the other one, I mean double ended is better than one.

Then it comes to the mirror part, I mean Naked 2 has a bigger mirror which seems more helpful than Naked 1 but then Naked 2 is heavier to carry.

Now for colors I do like them both, but I was leaning more towards Naked 2 because I do love all the colors that come with especially YDK which is my favorite shade from Urban Decay.

So if all this math worked in my mind, I don’t know why when I used Naked 2 I seem blotchy, and my makeup seems washed, I don’t know…I mean I do think that I have learned something in how to apply shadows from all these years of practice. As I say maybe it is too soon and I really need to work with it a bit more…but yet, not a good first impression…

So now I am at this point in our relationship where I don’t know how to react, I mean I have it there sitting in my vanity, so I will have to give it a second, third, and fourth chance until I make it work, and we can become friends (then I can introduce her to Naked 1).

I would really like to know, so I have created a poll, if you have tried/seemed both which one do you like more?

So yep I would really appreciate your thoughts, now if you excuse me I have to go and get out my Naked 1 under the couch.



8 thoughts on “The NAKED Truth

  1. The dilemmas we face! This made me smile, but I sympathize. 😐 Hope you figure it out.

  2. I got both palettes a couple of weeks ago, for the first time. I have played with them equally, but when I am doing my makeup for a party or to go out, I do find that I reach for Naked 1. I’m not sure why, other than I LOVE all the colors. Tonight I created a great look with sin in the inner corners, virgin on the browbone, naked over the entire lid, half baked in the crease and smog in the outer v, all blended and it was such a gorgeous smoky look. I will post pics on my blog. Plus I love the color “Creep” and find myself usingCreep A LOT in the outer v to blend into a smoky eye. I feel like I need to start using Naked 2 more, but I can’t break away from 1!!! It has me under it’s spell for sure. Kat

  3. I only own Naked 2. I found the first one had too many colors I wouldn’t use. Weird.

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