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Wrapping Project Pan 2012


Hello everyone, so I hope everyone is having a great day/night, I know I am. So today I want to take some time to give you my last update for the project pan I started last year. Yep you read correctly, I am wrapping up project pan with only one item left. I am doing this because truthfully I know this product will have no end soon, I am talking about my Estee Lauder Double Wear concealer, this one has tons of product left and I think this will last me another whole year.

So I decided to give it a good end, having in mind that I learned a lot of things from project pan:

  • I did have a very hard time in not buying anything else; hence I cheated a bit I must say.

  • When you pick products for your project make sure that they are not new. It is a pain to use a new product because it will take loads of time to get over it (Like my concealer).

  • It is fun to create new looks with the products you have, you fall in love again with your collection.

  • You get savvier at the time of purchasing beauty products.

  • You save $

In my last update I had 3 products left:

  1. ELF Complexion Duo Bronzer and Blush.In my last update I said that I would give the bronzer a couple of more weeks. Couldn’t be so wrong because this thing lasted more than that time, but I finally finished it. As I said before for $3.00 usd this is not bad at all I really liked it, but I won’t be repurchasing this soon as I have other bronzers I need to dig in, and needless to say I have blush overstock.

  2. Maybelline Dream Matte Powder. I did have a hard time finishing this one, but accomplished it, I must say this product was my savior over the summer, but over the fall/winter I do not need that much powder for setting up my makeup. Would I repurchase, maybe I will I do think this is a great powder for Oily Skin, but right now I am using one from CoverGirl and has been working real good on me.

  3. CoverGirl Liquiline Blast eyeliner in Black Fire. Ok now I really got to the point where I cannot sharpen this pencil, which means I can no longer use it, it is so small and tiny that I had to get another one. I did repurchase the same liner again I really love this product a lot and I hope this never gets discontinued.

  1. Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer. This was the only product I could not finish I love it and it works great on me, whenever I try to use something else (Laura Mercier, Cover FX) I go back to this one it’s just great for my skin and my dark circles. And I continue using it.

Now if someone asked me if I would go through another project pan, as a matter of fact I will, but I am working in a different approach this time (that might be less painful). So stay tuned in the next days, I will be talking about my new project for this 2013.

Until Next Time



4 thoughts on “Wrapping Project Pan 2012

  1. You did so well! Such determination! 🙂 x

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