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My NEW Project for 2013


Hello everyone, if you read my previous post you will know that I finished my project pan and now I am working in a NEW project. It took several days to have the guts to do it. I also thought that I cannot do a massive project at once, because I tend to flake in the way. So basically what I will do is a massive project but taking the one step at a time approach.

My project name is “My No Spending Month” the concept is simple. One month without buying makeup and clothing, because truthfully I have tons of it and I do need to use what I have in my drawers (yes I am accepting here that I am a little hoarder) I do not want to compromise to a whole year because it is quite overwhelming (thinking about it makes me shiver), this is why I think that little steps will take me to my biggest goal. If you think about it, this term can be applicable to anything, if you take a month for not buying something that you really like can be challenging.

But what do I want to accomplish?

I want bigger piggy bank and I know I can do it, considering that those are the things were most of my spare money goes (after paying my bills and filling my gas tank) I do think that there’s a good chance to save a couple of bucks.

I also want to use what’s in my stash, I do have some makeup and I know that I have to use it, why would I want expired products just taking valuable space in my vanity, anyways.

How will I do it?

  • Pay with cash. When I have to go shopping I won’t be taking my cards, truthfully they are the devil.

  • Bye bye counters. I won’t visit the makeup aisles/counters for quite some time. I tend to get excited and want to try new things.

  • Train my mind. Let me rephrase, I started working out extremely more than before, I think that I buy makeup when I feel happy, but I also work out when I am happy, so I can replace the first thought for the second. Also I buy for clothes when I feel anxious so exercise has reduced that. Thinking about this makes me feel I do have a pretty darn good chance of accomplishing my goal.

Are there any exceptions?

  • Makeup remover wipes, face soap, cotton swabs, and my simple eye makeup remover. I cannot go through life without these, I really need them and they tend to finish. I am not saying that I will finish them the first month, but as I intend to keep this for the rest of the year I need to be safe.

  • Gifts. Yes, if someone gives me makeup let’s say for my birthday, for review, or some other occasion it is Ok, the deal here is that I won’t be spending any of my money in it.

  • June. Yes you read right, June is my birthday and I plan to go to Sephora to Claim my birthday present, I estimate that for that date I will be needing a new foundation so that will be it.

So yeah this is my new project for the year I am really excited and btw this project starts TODAY Tuesday January 8th, 2013.

Let’s see what happens in a month,

Until Next Time,



2 thoughts on “My NEW Project for 2013

  1. Sounds like something I should do! I just did a 100 days spending ban – a great experience! Best of luck to you in doing this 🙂 x x

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