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What I Read in 2012


Hey everyone, so today I was thinking about the books that came along with me this past 2012, I actually think that I did not read a lot, but still some of these count…

The Hunger Games trilogy (By Suzanne Collins). I started reading this with all the fuzz of comments I read, I was intrigued, so I finished the first book to become aware in the last page that there was a second part (and later a third). I am a person who needs to have closure when reading a book, so I had to read the three of them. I really liked the entire Katniss Everdeen story, the characters, and the ambiance where everything is developed, very different from what I’ve read before. Until I saw the movie and felt like vomiting.

Bird by Bird (By Anne Lamott). I love writing, and if you are reading this maybe you also do. There was a point in my life where I needed inspiration so I ran to my nearest Barnes and Noble in search of tools to help me improve. I got this book, You can check my review here Overall nice book, it really did help me the way I needed it when I needed it. This was not an easy book for me as it took me some time to chew it and understand it. If you like writing stories or novels I think you will find this helpful. The author helps you develop your ideas and characters, but she also tells stories about her experience as a writer.

Fifty Shades of Grey (trilogy) What is it about authors and thrillogies? Anyways I started reading this book because again, I really wanted to know what was all the fuzz about. Well the fuzz is fuzzy. This is absolutely NOTHING compared to something I could have read before, like ever. Wanting to get closure at the end to find that there was no end but another part made me cringe. But I really wanted to know what happened to Ana and Mr Fifty. I mean their relationship was steammy in a very odd and weird kind of way. At the end I realized that I might have invested my time in reading something more usefull but I had to give it closure. (I feel like Mr Monk here) Beware this is not a book for kids, so if you are a father who’s planning to get this for your daughter’s birthday (because of the hype) DON’T, Unless she’s 40 and single.

The Pilgrimage (Paulo Coelho). God I love this man!, everything I read from him gets to me, and his books always seem to come in the right time everytime I need them. If you haven’t heard of Paulo he is a great motivational author, I mean his books are translated to so many languajes and are very very inspiring. This book was no exeption as he tells the story of a man who needs to travel a path in search of his sword, along with his guide Petrus he embarcs in a journey that goes beyond his thoughts. Now this book is a bit different from what I read from him but it was a nice quick lecture every night before going to sleep somehow made me feel more relaxed.

I know is not a lot, but overall I think that all these books taught me something, for this 2013 before I start reading a book I will make sure if there are any sequels, second I need to stop reading books if they fall under the category of twilight I won’t be giving them a chance in my life, because honestly I need to feed my brain with more Richard Carlson, Paulo Coelho and David Allen…

Did you read any of these over the year? If so what were your thoughts?


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