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Is it Racist?


So today I heard over the radio about a South Carolina Mexican Restaurant who is selling this T-Shirt that describes “how to catch an illegal immigrant”, if you see the t-shirt, there is a cartoon with two tacos under a box trap.

The owner of “Taco Cid” defense is that the shirts were created as a comical statement regarding illegal immigrants, and there are no racial nor hate remarks towards any specific ethnic group; also that this was a reasonable political statement about immigration policy in the United States. But some other people think that this is offensive, racist and that in some kind of way this is a business trolling for attention.

Now, the shirt is sold for $35.00 bucks (which I think it’s outrageous for a piece of clothing), but the business is getting calls from all over the country from people wanting to buy it.

Do you think this is racist? I would really like to know your thoughts


2 thoughts on “Is it Racist?

  1. It definitely leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It makes immigrants out to be on the same level as animals with the stupid bait and trap imagery they’ve got going. I don’t know how they can possibly justify that it isn’t racist, but I’m sure that Taco Cid is no doubt an intolerant white man with poor spelling to boot. The fact that people are scrambling to buy it is sad.

    I’m not saying that our country’s immigration policies don’t need reform- they’re flawed, but promoting this ignorant brand of “humor” isn’t going to bring about any positive chance. It just reinforces harmful stereotypes.

    • Thanks for your comment, I agree with you, I cannot believe how people are actually buying this (I just saw it over amazon as well), in my taste wearing that shirt is not funny, it’s true we are not in a perfect country, but still, being that harsh to other people and plus having people supporting this kind of bullying is taking us to another level,

      I know there are others that say that we are thinking this too much, but if we as society accept these kind of behavior nothing will stop them, the next thing would be that in the near future someone trolls you in the street and nothing will happen because people will think that is normal and that’s the way things are.

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