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CoverGirl LipPerfection Review


Hey everyone, it’s Friday, I’s so excited because today I have a product review for all of you, I got this a bit time ago (before my no spending month started…don’t think I cheated). Anyways spring is near, all brands are releasing their new collections and CoverGirl was not the exception releasing their LipPerfection Jumbo Gloss Balms.

With a range of 16 different shades, which makes me think there must be a color for everyone to pick, CoverGirl enters to the big twistable lip balms competition. Will they have a winning place? Let’s see..

You know it; there are the pioneers, Clinique’s Chubby Sticks, Tarte’s LipSurgence, and Revlon’s Just Bitten Kissable balms so the competition is hard; especially when Revlon’s are my favorite pals.

The product has the same overall principle, you do not need a pencil sharpener for these because they are twistable and they promise to moisture your lips while giving a nice tint to them.

I only got one, because no way I was risking it in getting a lot of colors (if you ask me I do have my reserves with CoverGirl). So the one I got is Watermelon Twist . Now, the color of the balm you get will be the same as the cap color, or at least in this case they matched pretty well. Which gives them kudos, it is not nice when you buy a pink cap and get a red product.

Now, in my mind I thought “this will smell watermelon”, like the lip balms I used to have from Avon when I was a kid. You know the ones that used to be $1.00 and you would lose after a month. But heck no it smelled waxy. If there is something I don’t like is using waxy scented products. At first I thought mine was expired, but my sister got a different one and it smelled the same. If Revlon could make their balms smell like peppermint why CoverGirl didn’t add a nice scent to them?

But ok, I had to surpass that for the sake of the test. So I applied the product, thankfully the waxy scent fades away almost instantly so you won’t be breathing waxy all day (I imagine that would cause delusional thinking after a couple of hours). The product itself has a sheer to medium color pay off which is ok and I think is good for girls who like neutral makeup or are just starting with makeup. The color is buildable but don’t think you will get the color of the cap because you won’t reach it (or at least I didn’t).

I’ve been using this product for a week now and the first day let me tell you that I wasn’t convinced, truthfully because my lips started peeling (I know disgusting), if there is something I know is that peeled lips are not attractive, and do not give you a polished look. Opposed to the Revlon just bitten kissable the CoverGirl does not last a long time, as this is a balm as soon as you eat or drink something color will fade considerably, but if you don’t have a hassle in retouching up that’s ok.

Third day was when we started to get along, my lips were not chapped anymore and color seemed to get along with me more, I did have to retouch every couple of hours but at least my lips were not peeling. The following days were the same.

My verdict? They are Ok, but I still prefer my Revlon Just Bitten due to the fact that it smells like peppermint and lasts a long long time, they cost $6.94 which is a bit less than the Revlon, but still I prefer to pay a bit more.

Have you tried these?

If so what are your thoughts?

Until Next Time,



4 thoughts on “CoverGirl LipPerfection Review

  1. I just got one a couple of days ago in… ok, I don’t know what the name of the color is now. I just looked at it and there is no name. Apparently it was on the plastic wrap of the packaging that I threw away after I opened it. Anyway, it’s the one that is a bright pinkish berry color. I was not that impressed. I prefer the Revlon also. I am going to return this along with a Fergie Wet n Wild nail polish to Walgreens tomorrow. 😦 Kat

    • I know 😦 I think that we were expecting great quality but as you I prefer to pay a bit more for my Revlon Just Bitten Kissable…And it’s true the name comes in the plastic wrap which I think is kind of dumb, what if you liked the color and you want to get it again?? or Recommend it to someone?

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