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Texas Style Snow

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I remembered it as if it was Last week, because it truly happened last week, it was Wednesday and our weather channel was forecasting snow. Snow for El Paso TX border area, if you live near you might know that two years ago we had a very hard snow storm that left many people without electricity and a lot of broken pipes for several days. All our local hardware stores (Home Depot, Lowes, etc.) were out of stock in pipes, so it was a big adventure. My hubby and I were living in an old house (this was before we moved) and I just remember at night hearing the pipes breaking down due to the cold weather outside.

So, now that we are at our new home we had to prevent that, so we did in our own kind of way, I mean we did want to enjoy this Snow the way we couldn’t the past one so we did… here I leave you with some pictures we took on Thursday, our employers let us leave early to prevent any accidents, so we had some time to spare at home.

Weather outside was cold, but with the proper layering (2 leggings, 1 pant, 2 pairs of socks, Boots, Under Cami, Long Sleeve Blouse, Fleece Jacket, Jacket, 2 pairs of gloves, Scarf and Hat) because I get really cold, we adventured in our neighborhood.

I think we were only the two crazy adults out in the snow, because when we were building this buddy one of our neighbors was leaving for work and got really surprised to see us.

His Name…Nacho IV, since I was little when it used to snow, mom would let us go out and play a bit, our first snow man was named Nacho so we have kept the tradition.

One of my bucket list things is finally crossed DO A SNOW ANGEL

When we finished Nacho IV, this was our view, magnificent snow in the glow dark night!! Marvelous Nature that never stops amazing me.

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