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Frugal Friday: Battle of the Blushes


Hello everyone, welcome to another segment of Frugal Friday’s, where saving money matters, without sacrificing looking smocking hot. So today is blush talk, you know it I just love blush (and mascara), sometimes I think I go a bit overboard with it, but hey I love looking like grandma (just kidding!!) anyways today competitors are:

Hard Candy Fox in a Box Smooth Talker Blush ($6.00 USD) vs. Benefit Sugarbomb Blush ($28.00 USD)

I bought the Hard Candy blush a long time ago, I think it was when they first came out, and I thought that benefit blushes were way expensive for me. So Smooth Talker comes with four different shades that you can mix to create a wonderful color; I would say it leaves this pretty peach cheek color overall. It also comes with a small brush that I think has no use, so I disregarded that one immediately and started using my blush brush (May I suggest one from Real Techniques?). This has no scent as the benefit blushes (you know, they say that these smell like candy and rainbows), but it is no bother for me at all, I mean is not that I need a nice scent in my cheeks to look good. Overall good product and for the price, I do prefer this one instead of the CoverGirl (which scent reminds me to my grandma) blushes.

Now for Benefit Sugarbomb you can see that the design is very similar I mean it comes in this box and has 4 colors which I also see are very similar. Now I have not used this exact product but I have used other benefit blush (Bella Bamba) and they do smell like candy and rainbows. At first you don’t notice it that much but as you keep using the product scent becomes more noticeable. They also come with a brush with may look a bit better than the hard candy one, but still I don’t think that it is the optimal blush application brush. The tap separates from the product which I think is not that convenient especially if you are on the run, I prefer the tap of the hard candy because it is attached to the box. And lastly the price it is expensive. The only way is buying a kit (And that’s how I got Bella Bamba), because if I had to pay for this I rather get a NARS blush, but that’s just me.

So yep in this case I would go for the Hard Candy Blush, I think it is a good drugstore option and you can really make it work. I hope this information is helpful for you.

Have you tried any of these blushes, if so what’s your opinion?

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2 thoughts on “Frugal Friday: Battle of the Blushes

  1. I got a fox in a box a few days ago and I absolutely love it

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