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My No Spending Month Update

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“Say NO to the Good to say YES to the Best”

Hello everyone, happy Monday, I hope you are having a fantastic beginning of the week, I know I am because weather in our town is being more benevolent (I just can’t stand freezing temperatures). Anyways today I have an update on my no spending month project. If you don’t know what I am talking about please read here But in short words I am not allowed to spend any of my pennies in Makeup and Clothing for an entire month. Something that is very hard for me to do if someone asks me.

Phase 1 of my project started on January 8th, almost 2 weeks have passed, which is around half of the month, since this time I have gone 2 times to Target and I have victoriously evaded the health & beauty section (because I know that if I travel down those aisles I will get sucked in). I really feel very proud of myself, I mean maybe is not a lot time, but believe me in the past when I went grocery shopping I would get even something small like a nail polish.

I have not even gone through the clothing section because I really feel that I will buy stuff until I lose more weight, so right now I don’t want to spend money in things I don’t need. Exercise has been helping me a lot as well, I go every afternoon after work (1 hour min) and it really has helped me with my shopping impulses.

Now on my savings side, well I think it goes good, last week I joined a savings fund and hopefully this will help kick in my incomes by the end of the year, besides it’s better to have that money safe than in my spending account. Right now, I am starting to feel a bit more comfortable with my life, I remember last year in January I was completely broke and guilty of my spending behavior. Now I feel a bit better (some Inner Peace kicking in) I know I am not at the point where I want to be yet, but still I know I am on the good tracks

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