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Is This The Perfect Moment To…?


In the past I remember telling myself this story, “I need to work out and have a healthy diet, but I have so many things to do like school, work, and house chores, that I don’t have time. Maybe I need to wait until I graduate, move, and have enough money to get into a gym and start working out”

In my mind, those were the things that limited me into being a healthy person, now I just see them as excuses, because if life has taught me something, is that there isn’t anything like “the perfect moment”. If we wait and wait to do something just because we need the perfect moment to arrive, that time might never come, and you will be losing valuable time instead of living your life.

Today I know, that if I want to do something the perfect moment to start is NOW, Sometimes we even restraint ourselves of doing something we really want only because we are afraid; of failure, of what others might think, etc. But, I have learned as well that if you are scared of jumping you have to do it because it will help you grow, and you shouldn’t care of what others might think, I mean you cannot please everybody and you are doing this because YOU WANT TO, not because you want people to think this or that.

So is this the perfect moment to….?

Heck Yes!

Until Next Time,



2 thoughts on “Is This The Perfect Moment To…?

  1. Is there ever truly a perfect moment – nope – just do it and smile!

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