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My Favorite Oils

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When you are an oily skin person the last thing you think about is applying more oil to your skin or hair. I have had some bad experiences in the past using oils for my face and my hair. I know that nourishing is important, but still I had my reserves, until now.

Last year I received my rewards coupon from Ulta, I was level 2 (like I’ve been for the past 3 years) which gave me the right for a free goodie. When checking out the list I found something that caught my eye Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment. I heard great things about this product all over YouTube, but still I was afraid that it would leave my hair all greasy and yucky (ring a bell Organix?). Thinking that the tiny size costs around $6.00 bucks and wouldn’t be seeing myself paying them I decided to get it.

I am letting my hair grow and for that to be accomplished I don’t go to my stylist that often (because if I go for a trim every 3 months, it won’t grow as fast as I want to) but still I do abuse of my flat and curling irons, so I started using this oil for my ends, every time I went out of the shower, considering that I wash my hair 3 times a week with damp hair I applied a pea size drop of this oil, and used my hair drier. I’ve been doing this religiously for some time now and my hair does not have a single split end.

Considering that I just don’t use any heat protector (because honestly I always forget to) I do think this is a GREAT product. It does not leave my hair greasy and it looks shiny and nourished. Plus it lasts a long time I mean I haven’t even reached half of this tiny bottle (10 ml). So if you ask me, YES I do recommend this product.

Now for my skin, I had to return an ugly product from Sephora and I really didn’t want my cash back (beauty junky alert) this happened around December, so I went for the Josie Maran Argan Oil, before this I read A LOT of reviews saying that this oil was amazing for the face, even if you had oily skin it would work on you, it would not break you out, etc.

So I had to go for it, it is winter and I do feel like I need a little bit of help, I’ve been using this oil for over a month now only at nights and I LOVE IT when I wake up my skin feels so bright and nourished. Not a single breakout derived from this oil which gives it great kudos. I do feel a big change in my skin, so yep I will have to repurchase this product when it’s finished because basically this is my “night moisturizer”.

Have you used any of these products? If so what do you think of them?


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