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Getting Bangs Without Cutting Your Hair


Is this story familiar to you? You feel like you need a new hairstyle, thinking about bangs/fringe but you are letting your hair grow and don’t want to chop it off? I used to have these thoughts several times a month, and in the past I would go and run to get bangs too.

But not today my friends, with eBay on hand I was able to score some fake bangs you read right, for $5.00 bucks I was able to get me a piece of hair that will help me for the days that I get bored.

Anyways I leave you here with some shots I took, you can see that these look kind of real (at least for me), and I am really satisfied with my purchase.

Until Next Time,



6 thoughts on “Getting Bangs Without Cutting Your Hair

  1. You look so cute with bangs. Good buy !

  2. Wow those look great on you! Hmm might have to try some!

  3. They blend in really well, such a good idea. Your look really nice with them. 🙂

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