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My Skincare Routine

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I admit it I am guilty, removing my makeup, washing my face, and applying some moisturizer, should be a must every night. But really there are times when I just get so tired that I just hit my bed WHICH I KNOW IS BAAAAAD!!

So I decided that this year would be different, I am truly compromised to remove my makeup every night before going to bed, and to have a better skincare routine. I know I need something easy, because if I complicate it I will end up doing nothing. So I decided to do this video showing you what’s my skincare routine at the moment.

Plus in the video I talk about a tool that’s been very handy, this is the Olay ProX Cleansing System, I just wrote a review which you can check out here I’ve been using this baby a lot and I love it, I do not have the guts $ to buy a Clarisonic, so I went for this baby quite some time ago, check out the review if you want to know how it works, what it comes with, and the price.

So I hope this is helpful for all of you,

Until Next Time,



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