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Car Accidents and Why Do People Have To Act That?

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So on Saturday I was involved in a car accident. I’m alright nothing happened to me thank God, and my car did get it through with only some material damage. But today thinking in retrospective I have some points that I would like to add to this experience.

I live in the border, so I normally go through the Border Crossings. If you have had the experience to go thru them you know that lines can be extenuating and sometimes people get desperate of the waiting times. Anyways I just put some music, sing along or keep conversations if I am traveling with somebody to make time go faster.

On Saturday, we were almost there around 3:00 pm we were happy because it was my dad’s birthday and we were taking him for dinner, so I’m in line and then we got to a point where the 2 lanes that start in the beginning of the border divided into 6 lanes (needless to say that you have to be patient because they move slow and you cannot go and start moving as you please). I was there took my lane and all the sudden this guy behind me started honking at me. At this point I cannot move, I am in my lane and can’t do anything until the cars in front of me start moving.

So the guy starts changing to the left lane, he was driving this big van, and there was a small gap, so he scratched the rear left end of my car. At this point, when I started feeling the scratching I waved my hands and start honking at him that he was scratching my car (because maybe he didn’t notice) and he LAUGHS giving me this look (You know the look). I was disconcerted and mad at the same time; we were able to take pictures of the van, plates, the guy (giving us a big smile of course) and kept going in our lane.

As soon as I arrived into the checking point I told the officer what had happened, luckily the guy was still in his lane. They let me pull over and told me that they would do the same with the guy when he arrived to the checking point. So we waited and then the police arrived and then the guy was arguing that I was invading 2 lanes, which I wasn’t (because honestly there was not space to do that). The police did told him that he should’ve waited, he debacle for some other time but still finished saying that he should’ve waited.

Now, I’ve been like crazy with insurances and all (this is the first time this happens to me so I am terribly lost) I had to call my insurance and yesterday I became aware that I also had to call his (which I also did), I don’t know what will happen now because every time I call people I talk to tell me something different. But my question was why do people have to act like that???

I mean I do believe that there is nothing more important than RESPECT, and in those cases PATIENCE. I mean if he was in a rush it ended worst because we had to wait around 30 min for the police to arrive and another 30 to fill all the documentation. And now he is making me lose a lot of time trying to figure things out and sorting my time to meet the agents and all…

So please please, next time that a rush of urgency invades you in a case like that, think of this: it is better to take your time and be patient than exploding and involving others in your mess.


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