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Feeling Depressed? Hit the Gym


Ok so last week was very hectic for me I must say, if you go a couple of posts back you would know that I was involved in a car accident and I’ve been going on and off dealing with car insurances, yara yara…anyways besides this I had tons of work and a dentist appointment (which was stressful). My mood was awful.

I was only able to fit 3 gym days and yesterday I was feeling grumpy and I didn’t know why? I only felt bothered at everything and very very tired. I didn’t even feel like going to my spin class, but that was when it hit me. I had to go more than ever because I needed exercise to feel better.

So after work I put my sneakers and hit my spin class. I must say I felt great after, and the instructor just puts you in this great mood always. He was saying to us “Smile just for 20 seconds, it’s free and it will make you feel good” so that’s what I did, even if those were the hardest 20 seconds of our strength class, that made me feel amazing.

Of course that you need to hear your body and if you feel physical exhaustion you do need to rest, but in my case most of the times is anxiousness from the day, that I do need to release by exercising. So next time you start feeling depressed and not so good, put your sneakers and go to the gym or just go for a walk, the thing is to do something different than be sitting in front of your computer or watching TV believe me your body will thank you later.

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2 thoughts on “Feeling Depressed? Hit the Gym

  1. This is very true! I haven’t tried spin and I’m deathly afraid to do so, but maybe one day I will. 🙂 From my own experience with exercise and feeling better, I live 3 miles from work and I walked a couple of weeks ago and it really started the day off on a good note since I woke up with a lot on my mind. This morning, despite going to a dance class last night that worked me hard, I embarked on the trek to work today. I made it halfway and then got on the bus, but it was still great!

    • Thanks for your comment!! Yes you are right it’s like if you exercise to receive this amazing energy that makes you feel great. For spin I know what you say, I remember my first classes and I was terrified (falling from the bike or getting injured), but the instructors were great and they always help you, besides it does take time to get to a level where you can bear an entire class. I think it took me a couple of months to be able to resist 🙂 and I do feel I keep improving. My advice would be, if you are afraid to do it go ahead and DO IT, because those are the things that help us grow and try new things in life 🙂

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