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Valentine’s Day and Other Musings

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Hey everyone, so I hope everyone is having or had a wonderful Valentine’s Day; I am still having a great time. Today I woke up to see the sweetest and lovable card from my hubby in my vanity table. That put me in such a good mood to start the day because he took the time to do that while I was asleep.

Then I had cake for breakfast at work. Who does that? Apparently me on Valentine’s Day. Then at the office I received a call from the lobby, go figure to make things shinier my hub sent me flowers (first time indeed so I felt like melting) I definitely wasn’t expecting that, I loved them. They smell amazing as well!!

Anyways I hope your day is wonderful and today I want to leave you with this thought:

“It really doesn’t matter if you receive a hug, a love letter, flowers, or chocolates but the important thing is to express your love all year long and to be nice and in touch with the ones you love, that means Valentine’s Day all year long”

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