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My Weekend in Pictures

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Good food and great times…that was my past weekend. I must say I am proud of myself because I had the 2 days off this weekend and I think I enjoyed them while being productive. My Saturday started with me getting my buttocks up straight to the gym (662 calories burned yeah baby!). The hubs has been taking a class on Saturday mornings so I have those extra hours.

That same day we ended up having dinner at my parents’ home and I know is not much but I am proud to say that I ate a 1 bun burger, with not so much fries.

Next morning, I took my hub for a late Valentine’s Day breakfast at Village Inn, sorry and here I totally forgot about calorie counting and all that stuff, but I went to the gym afterwards which made me proud I mean gym on a Sunday.

Either way I am very impressed with myself, you can see that I am wearing a denim shirt in the picture which besides being my FAVORITE STAPLE PIECE for this spring, amazingly is a size Medium (YEAHHH) I am no longer Large. This gives me a big push to keep moving forward with my workout routine.

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