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Project Downsize…Expired Really?


Ok so for the past couple of weeks I’ve been thinking about it, I knew that I had to do it at some point but did not have the balls courage to do it. Until this morning when I remembered I had an EOS lip balm in sweet mint flavor that I wanted to use. This product was sheltered and I think I only used it once in the past (shame on me).

Anyways, I applied it and blegh this old, expired scent mixed with mint flavor invaded me. What the heck? Well the thing has been there for some time now, and EOS products tend to get expired on me very fast. But that was my eye opening and message from the Universe telling me “God girl you need to downsize those makeup drawers asap”

The main idea came from Barely Organized Chaos, I found her blog a couple of weeks ago and I really liked her idea about downsizing. So today I am here showing you my makeup cart with all the stuff in there (all dusty) and for the next weeks I will be going from drawer to drawer downsizing and only keeping what works, I know I will use, and it doesn’t smell old.

In my mind when I purchased this cart I thought I would have everything organized and at some point I do, but yet I have too many crap things.

Yep it’s kind of a bummer but I do think that I need the space, plus I need to start giving love to all those abandoned products. So bare with me and stay tuned for the couple of days while I start battling in my downsize…

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8 thoughts on “Project Downsize…Expired Really?

  1. good luck!!! ❤ I'd love to see your progress 🙂

  2. good luck! I just recently done this with my stash so no expired makeup for me. ^_^
    EOS lip balms expire quickly on me too but I think it’s because it is formulated with 95% natural ingredients so not too much preservatives to keep it fresh.

    • Thank you!! I am getting mentally prepared to tackle those drawers this weekend. You are right about the EOS that never crossed my mind, now I Know I wont buy EOS products unless I use them right away…

  3. Yay!! Good luck! It’s so rewarding when you finish something and you can dump it, you feel lighter! Looking forward to seeing your progress. 🙂

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