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Love is a Four Letter Word

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I think I’ve never written about my music tastes. Today its Friday I am happy and I feel the need to talk about it. Especially about my favorite album from one of my top artists; I am talking about Jason Mraz, yep that is right and his album LOVE is a four letter word.

I think I am around 10 months late, since this album was released last year, but man I love it and I think it came in the most appropriate time for me. This album is inspiring and talks basically about Love (duh!), in my opinion it develops all of the things that love implies making it a short word with a lot of meaning. It talks about sacrifice but most important becoming aware of others people’s feelings and loving them even more for the choices they take, even if they sometimes don’t come to our favor.

Furthermore I think that this album talks about freedom, and how life is about us being free, letting go of everything to be able to receive it all.

Overall nice album I do recommend it, if you have the chance to check it out do it, because it is inspiring, motivational and deep.

Wishing you all the LOVE for always

Until Next Time,



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