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My No Spending Month February Update

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No spending money on things you love is so hard, it’s almost the end of February and I must admit I broke down this month. I was disappointed in the beginning but then I said to myself you have to hop into that horse again and keep moving forward.

So here I am giving you a small update on my not that successful February goal, but I feel that I need to be honest, because I am human and I am not perfect, but I know that I can improve. So first week I think went with no problems at all, second week was when I got caught at Wal-Mart in the makeup aisle, how did that happen? I just can’t remember, the thing I do is that I ended up with a foundation and a powder…yep I did it. (I don’t regret it because to my luck they are amazing products and I dare to say I have finally found my Holy Grail drugstore foundation) Nonetheless, it feels so bad writing about it that I think I won’t be cheating again. So even though that was my slip on this month I do have high hopes in finishing it with only that damage.

On my savings side, well besides spending those 15 bucks I think I am getting better, I did have some expenses with Valentine’s Day and my hubs birthday, but I keep seeing the light. I hope that for April I would have a bigger piggy bank (fingers crossed).

Another thing I started doing is downsizing my makeup, which you can go and check out here you can go and read why I decided to do this there, and can expect further posts/videos while I downsize each of my makeup drawers.

I think that this exercise will help me become more aware of all the things I have and why I don’t need to buy stuff unless I need them because they are finished.

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