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Just in Case Bag


Accidents happen, and while you might need to sew a button, fix a chipped nail or relieve eye redness and you are in the middle of nowhere it is important to have a Just in Case Bag. Now I know that you may not want to carry tons of things in your bag, but at least in my case I just want to be prepared for almost every situation I might encounter.

So these are things I have to have in my bag:

Band aids, Aspirin, Nail file, Sewing Kit, Eye drops, Lip balm, Bright Lipstick, Qtips, Disinfectant Gel, Small Vaseline.

Do you have a similar kit? What do you store in it?

Until Next Time,



6 thoughts on “Just in Case Bag

  1. I put stuff in a case so it won’t explode in my bag- I’m with you on most of those items.

  2. I love that you have an emergency bag! I also have an emergency bag of sorts with disinfecting wipes, extra concealer, and chapstick. It’s perfect for situations when I am out, and I need to fix my make up, or I have a headache or something. 🙂 It’s such a good thing to have with you.

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