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Project Downsize (Foundation, Concealer & Primers)

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Organizing and detoxing that’s what I did this past weekend while cleaning my makeup drawers. Today I have for you my first drawer downsize, in here I have foundations, concealers and primers. I did a video because I think that it was easier for the process. So I hope you enjoy.

I did notice a couple of things while cleaning that drawer:

  1. I need to stop buying foundation
  2. I had too much stuff that did not belong there

Many of the things I had there where samples that should go to the samples box. Samples box will have its separate downsize after I finish cleaning all the drawers I have, because now I am guessing I have samples all over those drawers.

Anyways, to see the finished look made me realize that I can do this, I can downsize even more by using what I have (now that I know what I have) and I can keep it that way.

Hope you enjoy and see you on the next drawer…



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