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Monday and what to Expect for the Week


Today I woke up having the feeling that I should have stayed in bed, I had a very hectic and productive weekend I must say, we moved almost all the furniture at home in order to make some renovations and that ended in me feeling like my arms are falling (really not joking!). Besides of that I think I had some food poisoning because last night I woke up at 2 am feeling awful; my hub was the kindest and got up as well for moral support even though he had to get up early.

Anyways my alarm started beeping at 6:00 am and it took me additional 30 minutes to get up (which is not common in me unless I feel sick), but hey I managed to arrive at work on time, during the day I kept feeling Ok. The only thing is that I have this awful headache now. Oh bummer…

Also, I have to make a confession, this weekend I was not able to work on my downsize project, I was supposed to give you drawer 2 this week but I think I am not going to be able to work on that until the weekend so be patient.

But I know this week will get better and to make it up for the lack of downsize I will have my February Favorites (which are fun fun!), so stay tuned for that! And in the meantime I will leave you with a Picture of Cute Owls; yes I am into Cute Owls now

Until Next Time,



4 thoughts on “Monday and what to Expect for the Week

  1. Love ur blog! Follow me and PLEASE like my fb website “Ja’dore By Design” and follow me on twitter at @BrittanyDobbins 🙂

  2. Love the owls! Hope you are feeling better?

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