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Taking Care of My Feet


This is something I never thought I would write about, but honestly I think that taking good care of feet is part of a healthy beauty regimen. Normally I would hear/read, tons of publications about how to take care of your feet over the summer, because that’s when your pretty little toes are exposed, but what about winter time?

*Picture Courtesy of DaisyGreenMagazine

Well maybe you can forget about them while wearing socks and boots, but I do think that it is especially important to take good care of them over this season. This is why I am here today with a short how do I take care of my feet.

This is a regimen I’ve been working on because my heels and cuticles tend to get very dry over the winter and now that summer is coming I do want my feet nice and polished ready to wear sandals and wedges. I shower at night after going to the gym, so before going to bed y follow these steps.

  1. Use a wooden orange stick. With this I just back my cuticles a bit, I don’t like cutting my cuticles (because I think it’s creepy) so I just make sure they are in place.

  2. Apply cuticle oil. I am currently using a cuticle oil bottle my mom got me in a manicure set, but you can use any cuticle oil you have available (normally sold at beauty stores), and leave it on for a couple of seconds (10 Mississippi’s will do).

  3. Massage your cuticles. Oil will help moisturize your pretty little toes so give a little massage with the oil.

  4. Apply a rich nourishing cream. If you have foot cream yeii for you, if not any moisturizer will do. Just keep in mind that the thicker the better.

  5. Put some socks. I like to use thick and fuzzy socks I believe that they help keeping the moist in place. And besides they are just fun to use.

And that’s it; with practice this takes you less than 5 minutes, but will give you the most gorgeous feet over the summer.

What do you do to take care of your feet?

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2 thoughts on “Taking Care of My Feet

  1. I am guilty of ignoring my feet until they are exposed…thanks for the nudge! 🙂

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