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My No Spending Month: February Results


A couple of weeks ago, I gave you an update about my February No Spending Month, On Friday I was supposed to give you the wrap up of the second month of my project and I completely forgot until today I became aware that is the 11th, anyways better late than never.

Well February went kind of crappy, and I told you in my update that I was disappointed because I did spend some money in makeup which is BAD, but I am back on track. So yep around $15.00 bucks were spent in a foundation and powder, BUT and I know is not an excuse I think I found my Holy Grail Drugstore Foundation.

Anyways, the rest of the month went peacefully and I am trying to be more mindful in what I spend my money. I think bank is growing small but steady (better than last year I assure you), so I don’t think March will be any problem, Yeah that is right I am hitting it again for March, No spending any money in March in beauty Items and clothing. I have kept myself real busy in the gym, work and home so I think it’s going ok.

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2 thoughts on “My No Spending Month: February Results

  1. I hope you’re not beating yourself up over $15!!! That is great progress! I’m so proud of and happy for you. I REALLY need to buckle down on my spending. You’re an inspiration! xoxo

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