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March: A Time to Review Goals


I would dare to say that most than 50% of people in this world made New Year resolutions, set up goals and want to accomplish something for this year. It is March already and while you might have joined the gym to shed some pounds or joined a class to learn something new, this is the point where a lot of us start flaking and forgetting about our goals, or feel that we still have 9 more months to accomplish them.

The truth is that Rome was not built in one day and neither your accomplishments, so I encourage you to take this time to remember what you want to achieve; re-evaluate if you are failing in some part of your goals and just do something about it; because honestly things won’t fix themselves.

And remember it is all about the decisions you take today what will take you to your goal. Yesterday choices are gone and tomorrow’s not even here yet.

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2 thoughts on “March: A Time to Review Goals

  1. I have my goals in my bathroom mirror, in a spot where I have to physically look around them to brush my teeth or put my contacts in. I see them multiple times a day, and they always remind me of what I want. It always makes me ask, “Did I do everything I could to move towards those goals today?” It also makes me wonder if my goals and purpose would have fired me today for a lack of effort. If you cannot see your goals you can lie to yourself. If you can see them your stomach burns when you try to lie to yourself. POST YOUR GOALS! Great post!!!

    • Thank you very much for your comment, it is a great idea, having your goals where you can see them, you are right most of the times we forget and it is easy to lie and even justify ourselves for not giving them some follow up. I have them in my agenda which goes everywhere with me and I keep an excel file at home to record my improvements, but that sometimes can be tricky as well, I will write them down and place them in my vanity 🙂

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