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The First CVS Opens in El Paso Downtown


If you live in El Paso, TX area or you have been here for a visit you might have noticed that we have Walgreens in almost every corner. You can find a lot of things in Walgreens but I’ve always wanted to go to a CVS, I always hear about people talking about things they purchase at CVS that honestly cannot be found at Walgreen’s or other drugstores near our area.

So on Friday afternoon my sister and I went downtown, which we typically don’t do (but I had Jury Duty) and we wanted to see what was it all about.

Feeling a bit of the downtown vibe my sis near the CVS

First thing, store looks very nice and neat, looks very clean and organized. They do have quite a big selection of products. This is the first drugstore I go (besides Ulta, which I don’t see much as a drugstore) that has high end brands for your hair. I mean I was able to notice Paul Mitchell and Moroccan Oil beside Aussie and Suave products who can beat that?

Very new, clean and neat aisles

For makeup, yes they did have tons and tons of products available, BUT and this is a big but for me, I could not find a good sale, yes they gave you money back in your extra care card when you purchased something but I don’t know, I don’t think that is something that makes me say YES take my money.

On the other side, we did see that the got2b brand was having HALF PRICE on all their products, which is amazing cause I wanted to get their Volumizing Powder (I heard awesome things of this product) and it was half the price. I also ended up getting some makeup remover wipes from their own brand (which I used last night and now love).

Who could say no to a $3.00 dollar volumizer…that works great!!

Now, overall it is OK, but I don’t see me coming back anytime soon, unless I find they have some of their so raved sales or need wine from the drugstore. Another thing we noticed is this, our downtown area kind of outstands for having cheap inexpensive stores, so I am still thinking if this will work? Honestly because the prices are not that cheap, but we will see and time will tell.

So now, I don’t know if I imagined or we just need to wait for some sales, so please go to the poll below and let me know:

And if you have any comments about this please let me know in the comments section below

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6 thoughts on “The First CVS Opens in El Paso Downtown

  1. I sort of hate CVS, to be honest. I hate their stupid reward card system where you get the money back, but you have to spend it at CVS, and then you can only use it at certain times on certain things, and it’s like seriously? Just knock a dollar off the damn mascara and we wouldn’t have this problem! I can only imagine the employees hate it even more. Can you imagine how many annoyed customers come through there and just want to get the sale price, but there is this huge complicated process?

    • Wow I did not know you could only use the reward money for certain things..that certainly is a bummer, and yes poor employees I would be mad to if I had some cash to spend there and could not use it for what I want 😦

  2. I always found CVS to be more expensive than other stores. Not my favorite!

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